Increase ROI, cut costs, and improve staff productivity

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Effective facilities management is vital to the long-term success of any corporation, developer, or business owner. Strategic planning of space and infrastructure helps companies achieve their business objectives, cut costs, and improve staff productivity.

Revolutionize the way you manage your facilities.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

With Matterport scanning and software, you can capture your building in photo-realistic 3D allowing you to increase ROI and reduce the costs of managing your facility’s design.

emergency planning

Use Matterport to create complete schematic floor plans, plan emergency routes, response strategies and situational awareness.

Get critical building intelligence

A Matterport digital twin gives immersive access to critical building intelligence including accurate measurements of the structure and dimensions of equipment.

train employees in 3D

Use 3D indoor mapping to train employees. Share a 3D walkthrough of your facilities with new or visiting employees so they can quickly understand your space.

Import easily into BIM software

Replace time-consuming manual measurements with a 3D point cloud or OBJ files that can be imported directly into your BIM software.

Optimize equipment installation

Use your Matterport 3D model to measure between objects and see a flawless arrangement of the property.


Facility planning and design
Capture existing conditions before beginning the design phase. Map and document how a facility and its equipment are configured now. Replace lengthy manual measurements with an accurate and fast 3D scan — plus a point cloud or OBJ that you can import directly into your BIM software.
Optimize equipment installation
Use a Virtual Factory Layout (VFL) to measure between objects and secure a flawless arrangement of the facility. Save time and money by eliminating equipment clashes and change orders due to inaccurate site plans
Create an equipment Inventory
Create a visual evidence of assets on hand. Label equipment with digital tags to document repairs, purchase, and training information. Easily share visual inventory with maintenance personnel.
Automate hand drawn sketches
Automate the current process of hand drawing sketches of factory layouts. Decrease time to delivery of floorplans, increase the accuracy of room dimensions, and lower the cost of sketching.
Reduce time and costs for creating factory layouts
Reduce time and costs for creating factory layouts without compromising the ongoing functionality of the facility. Create a 3D scan once during a less-busy time, such as nights or weekends. Important stakeholders can design modifications and upgrades on the 3D model, while the current facility still proceeds in its current configuration.
Capture dimensional data to document faster
Capture dimensional data to document existing buildings and structures, above ground utilities, process equipment, and existing tie-points to define how a new project development might interface with adjacent processes.
Leverage for the long term
Finally, turn over your documentation to the building owner for long-term facilities management. The owner will be pleased to have this easy-to-use treasure trove of information for future maintenance and renovations.

Hire us to scan real-world spaces using a Matterport compatible camera.

Process into a seamless, navigable 3D model stored in the cloud.

Access the 3D Model remotely from the cloud with stakeholders.

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Streamline design and BIM modeling processes with digital twin cloud data of site conditions.

AEC Software Integration

The Matterport platform integrates seamlessly with popular AEC software solutions including – SketchUp, Revit, AutoCAD, and other BIM software.

SHARE Construction Progress

Document and share construction progress with owners and collaborators.

“The initial 30.5 hours we invested in scanning MEP facilities of Toronto Western Hospital was essential to an efficient modeling workflow. Capturing good, reliable scan data ensured our remaining 300 hours of modeling MEP systems in Autodesk Revit was seamless.”

Melissa Parry

BIM Specialist, HH Angus

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